The value of security

Mailsurance with ActiveGuard(™) provides your enterprise with insurance coverage, cutting-edge cyber protection technologies and active monitoring of your email system by our 24/7 Security Center Team.

Types of Coverage

We offer four cyber policies, customized to fit the particular needs of your business and designed to protect against:

  • External Payment Fraud
  • Internal Payment Fraud
  • Personal Information Breach
  • External Account Takeover

Our premiums are competitively priced based on coverage variables listed below:

Number of Email Accounts Insured

Our email insurance is specific to the number of individual email addresses covered. Enterprises do not have to insure all their email accounts, but only those that are critical with significant exposure to BEC. The number of accounts insured will be factored into your insurance premium.


Some industries are more vulnerable than others and frequently targeted by BEC criminals. Your industry may affect your insurance premiums. Today, the industries most frequently targeted are financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, energy/utilities and more recently real estate and education.

Average Transaction Amounts

The average dollar value of monetary transactions disbursed by your business affects your premium.

Transaction Frequency

Volume of transactions and frequency of occurrence is another criteria that will be used to estimate your premium.

Number of Authorized Devices

The number of devices equipped and authorized to access your email system and handle transactions (office desktop, laptop, mobile phone, iPad, etc.) is a variable impacting your premium.

Email Platform

Mailsurance with ActiveGuard(™) is currently available for Outlook 365 and Google G-Suite Email Platforms. Additional platforms are continuously being added to our roster. Platforms vary in security risk, so which one you select for your business can affect your premium.

Maximum Dollar Value of Policy Coverage

Your premium is based on the dollar amount of coverage you select. We offer policies up to $5 million dollars.

Business Jurisdiction

Some regions of the world are more frequently targeted than others, so your headquarter location and the location of regional offices you choose to insure, will impact the premium.

Jurisdictions and Banks Used by Clients and Vendors

Companies whose clients and vendors are based in certain parts of the world are more frequently targeted. Businesses working with vendors in China, for instance, have experienced higher incidences of Business Email Compromise, so the location of your key clients and vendors is factored into your premium.

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