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Types of insurance coverage we can offer

We provide insurance coverage for a wide range of email related cyber vulnerabilities. Cyber criminals exploit enterprise by monitoring and learning their businesses practices and assessing opportunities to gain hold of sensitive data or conduct payment instruction fraud.

A wide range of insurance coverage and protection technologies can be tailored to match your enterprise needs and challenges.

Here are some of the policies we offer to cover the following types of threats:

External payment fraud coverage

The company is expecting payment from a third party. When they go to send the payment information, the details get switched to the hacker’s and the payment is lost.

Internal payment fraud coverage

The hacker sends an email to the finance department requesting they make a payment to a bank account they control. Sometimes they will spoof an email to the compromised account appearing to be from a third party vendor and forward it to the finance department for added legitimacy.

Personal information breach coverage

By means of social engineering or technological exploitation, the hackers extract personal information from the company which can then be used in a huge number of different ways.

External account takeover coverage

  • the hacker is able to run a simple password reset on the external account linked to the compromised email
  • Internal Payment Fraud
  • the hacker is able to gain enough information to impersonate the owner of the compromised account and pass more stringent verification
  • the hacker sends phishing emails from the compromised email to other employees which have access to a valuable external account

Data Leak legal costs and investigation.