Mailsurance with ActiveGuardTM

Mailsurance with ActiveGuard(™) is a unique cyber insurance solution that not only provides your enterprise with the insurance coverage for email compromise, but proactively guards your email system using cutting-edge cyber protection technologies.

ActiveGuard (™), our flagship product, is the Mailsurance SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) Platform that protects your business. It delivers up-to-the-minute analysis and forensics, continuously monitoring your company emails and alerting our 24/7 Cyber Security Center in real-time when suspicious activity has been tracked.

How it Works

Using proprietary algorithms, the ActiveGuard(™) SIEM observes email activity, detecting patterns/norms, unusual behavior, settings adjustments, permissions access and changes made to system rules. ActiveGuard(™) scans all internal and external email communications, verifies external email correspondence against observed data sets, and flags spoofed email addresses that mimic the legitimate addresses of authorized executives and vendors. Once suspicious activity is detected, ActiveGuard (™) notifies our 24/7 Mailsurance Security Center to investigate the event and respond immediately.

Essentially, we provide an alarm system against intrusion, actively managing customized security solutions that fit your business needs. Our four cyber policies protect against:

  • External Payment Fraud
  • Internal Payment Fraud
  • Personal Information Breach
  • External Account Takeover

Mailsurance with ActiveGuard(™) gives you the peace of mind to focus on running your business, not fighting a war with cyber terrorists. ActiveGuard(™) is continuously updated, so your email is always protected, even from the newest criminal strategies. And our system is designed to integrate with all major cloud-based email systems such as Microsoft 365 Outlook and G-Suite.

Run your business knowing your email is armed and insured.
Mailsurance. The Freedom to Communicate.