A Cyber Insurance
for Email Security

A compromised email can cost you millions in revenues, legal fees, accounts and reputation damages! MailSurance is a new type of cyber insurance that actively protects your business email against attack, covers you against breaches and gives you the freedom to communicate.

Insurance Coverage
Security Technologies

More than just cyber insurance, we provide 24/7 live protection against email breach. Our proprietary technologies ensure that unauthorized access of your email system is detected and addressed before significant damage occurs.

Email Is the New

Digital Identity!
Protect It

Compromised, your email identity can fraudulently be used to authorize payments, open credit cards, adjust system settings, hijack computers/data, access external passwords and steal/leak sensitive information. Savvy businesses recognize the risk and enlist MailSurance with ActiveGuard™ to protect their email security.

Passwords Are Vulnerable

Arm Your System

Cloud-based email platforms developed by Google and Microsoft are designed to be secure. Yet, cyber criminals with a password can enter your email gates undetected! This easy access means that once targeted, all businesses are exposed to Business Email Compromise (BEC) crimes.

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Our 24/7 support team can help you recover ASAP and protect your organization against future breaches and criminal schemes.

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Need Legal Advice?

Our legal specialists guide you through the steps to take prior to and following an email compromise. We investigate your case, and help you prepare for civil proceedings.

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Our 24/7 support team is ready to assist you in reporting an incident and initiating an investigation.

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